Legal Collections
Knights LPC strives to provide our clients with transparent, cost-effective collections and recoveries. Having abundant experience and knowledge in collections and recovery, we assure all matters are handled with the outmost professionalism and courteousness.

By use of our ClaimsPipeline™ clients are exposed to the full scope of costs and procedures of subsequent claims.  We have customized, scalable solutions – delivering fast and effective services. Ultimately, our practice can provide competitive rates that will enhance your bottom line.

Simply stated, we have the experience and know-how to provide our clients with a wide range of recovery services.

Practice Areas
Knights LPC pre-litigation debt resolution system is a unique letter service specifically designed to augment your internal collection process, giving you the authority of a collection agency without the associated cost of a third party.

Clients that require support with a portfolio of cases requiring litigation benefit from our Conditional Fee Agreements. This fee structure allows clients who’s matters go to collections to save by paying minimal legal charges for recoveries, enhancing their cashflow. This drives client costs down significantly by passing enhanced cost risks to defendants, encouraging early settlement.  The program will:

  • Reduce bad debts
  • Rehabilitate delinquent customers
  • Improve internal collection performance
  • Increase cash flow from accounts receivable
  • Re-educate customer on expected payment practices
PPSA Registration
Writ of Seizure and Sale
Writ of Enforcement
Enforcement of Foreign Judgement
Mortgage Enforcement
Repossession of Assets

The ClaimsPipeline™model not only encourages cost effective claims that save on the high cost of collecting debt, it also allows clients an understanding of upfront costs, which can be managed, and applied to subsequent claims. Let us show you how we can reduce the risk and cost of being a creditor.


Call us direct and speak to our experts in recoveries. We will walk you through the ClaimsPipeline™ and help you understand how this legal product can assist in any size collection and recovery.



It is our mandate to ensure our clients understand the general costs involved prior to engaging Knights LPC.

Our fees are typically based on block rates, which are fees that will not change, rather than an hourly rate that can be difficult to budget for the client.

Download our guide to Collections and Recoveries here.