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TRANSPARENCY: A Modern Approach to Providing Legal Services

A Modern Approach

Knights LPC understands that a law practice using an in-person only intake process, strict email for document sharing, enterprise stand-alone practice management systems, and hourly billing rates is cumbersome and expensive. A Fortune 500 company may be able to afford $500 per hour billing rates, but the average client or small business cannot.

A pendulum has begun to swing in the opposite direction as clients are demanding alternatives to the traditional approach to law. Whether it’s 24/7 accessibility, technology, tiered pricing, or easy payment, clients are simply demanding a more customized approach to their legal needs.

Our clients do not look for legal services that entail a traditional retainer paid by check in advance to a law firm and they definitely don’t want to sit with a lawyer during the attorney’s office hours to get answers to questions they already found online. And it’s not just individuals. Businesses, too, wait until they have an issue to seek out legal assistance—and they want that help fast, cost-effective, and at their convenience, too. Simply put – clients better understand their legal needs.

We work to bridge the old with the new and we start with a modern approach to law. We use powerful secure technology, a focused team of associates and more advanced tools to better serve our clients right from the intake process.

Knights LPC ensures consistency with the client intake process, offers transparent billings and provides our clients with a first hand Secure Client Portal to allow for secure communications like email, document uploading, and sharing with collaborators both inside and outside the firm.

Read below or contact us today to learn more about our:

  • Client facing platform
  • Commoditization and Flat Fee Models
  • Referral Network
  • Transparent Billings
TRANSPARENCY: A Modern Approach to Providing Legal Services

Sharing complex knowledge requires the right trusted professional relationships.

It is not the size of our network that matters, but the diversity of opinions and expertise that we can draw upon. In times when high degrees of specialization is required, when the need for information is critical, Knights LPC is able to draw upon our network of key associates for a diversity of opinions to ensure that drastic measures are not taken for the wrong reasons, or that viable options are not ignored but rather – the best solution is found.  This allows us to build trust with our clients and provide reliable advice in order to deliver what we think is right and the best options rather than what the client wants to hear – We believe candour build trust.

The combination of city expertise, associate network and regional locations enables us to provide a higher quality service whilst delivering unparalleled value for our clients when handling their matters.

“strong interpersonal relationships that allowed discussion, questions, and feedback were an essential aspect of the transfer of complex knowledge” – Hinds & Pfeffer (2003)

CLOUD BASED PRACTICE: Comprehensive, Cost Effective Law Practice

From intake to invoice, Knights LPC cloud solutions  enables us to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking, reporting, and accounting in a more efficient manner. This helps our clients, save money, understand billings and gain insights to their matters from any place at anytime.

Our cloud based practice allows customers online access to their account, quick payment options and the ability to securely receive messages from the firm.  Saving our clients time and money is our goal and it becomes quickly apparent to our clients as we work through their matters in a more modern approach to providing legal services.

TRANSPARENT BILLINGS: Client Secure Web Portal

At all times, we ensure our clients understand where in the billing stage our services are.  Knights LPC provides our clients with a personalized CMS access to our web based billings platform and secure portal where they access specific resources, such as Documents, Tasks, Calendar events and invoices, that have been shared with clients in addition to a Secure Messaging feature.

This personalized access allows  the members of Knights LPC to easily share resources and collaborate with clients, contacts, or co-counsels through a secure web-based portal (extranet). This grants our clients, contacts, or co-counsels the latitude to review and contribute to relevant matter developments, and helps to mitigate associated inefficiencies related to time consuming communications.

KNIGHTS LPC Client Secure Web Based Account provides our clients:

  • Password Protected Secure Messaging
  • On Demand access to Matter details, information, a Contacts tab with all of the relationships individuals associated Notes, Time Entries, and Communications.  
  • Sharing access to bills, documents, secure messages, calendar events, tasks, and even Matters with co-counsels
  • Online Payment Options through account
  • Simple Account Set-Up
  • No Charge Value Added Service

Clio Connect


Many of our clients are busy which is why Knights LPC offers our clients with many convenient options to complete the electronic intake process, communicate securely via private messages and to meet virtual  and are happy to meet our clients over the phone or even through video conferencing!

That person will get an email advising them they have a new message

secure message


Knights LPC provides timekeeping that lets us track accurately the time spent on a case. We ensure each of our clients are billed without rounding up minutes, each of our time entries are linked directly to matters so we maintain proper time logs and keep matters organized and generate bills efficiently and accurately.

Knights LPC provides various options for clients to pay for services.  Rather than use time wasting and inefficient payment options, we’ve made it easy to pay for services in the most convenient way our customers demand.

Here are some forms payment options we offer:

  • e-Mail Money Transfers
  • Flat Rate Payment Options
  • Online Payments
  • Square Payment

*payment for legal services is contingent upon the Rules of Professional Conduct, By-Law 9 set out by the Law Society of Upper Canada and maintaining client confidentiality s.3.3 of the lawyers’  Rules of Professional Conduct. 


Knights LPC is afforded our clients the ability to keep in tune with their matter at every stage. Our client matter legal files are stored all in one place which makes searching and organizing documents a simple and efficient process. Knights LPC collaborates with our clients and keep track of changes and edits to documents with our integrated client web portal.

Knights LPC understand document integrity and foster with by eliminating the security risk of emailing sensitive documents through our private portal to share and collaborate with the right contacts only – our clients.

Our clients expect the best and Knights commits to a convenient yet secure means of collaborating online. We use bank-level security with SSL encryption that is governed by daily audits from world leaders in Internet security.